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COVID-19 Updates

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Gonzalez Elementary

Soft Reopening Plan 2020-2021


  1. Gonzalez Elementary has committed to daily monitoring checks to ensure that the following enumerated protocols are adhering to CDC and district guidelines.

    1. At Gonzalez Elementary, facilities will not be used by external community organizations till further notice or direction from the district.

    2. At Gonzalez Elementary, non-essential visitations to campus will not permitted, such as and not limited to food deliveries, birthday celebrations, flower deliveries, etc.

  2. At Gonzalez Elementary, measures will be taken to address the needs of students who may be at risk of becoming infected.

    1. All medical student plans will be studied; if appropriate, additional steps will be taken to address the needs of students with medical plans.

      1. In studying the medical plans, consideration of the makeup and arrangement of classrooms and preparations associated with such will be studied; prolonged and close contact with others will be studied; limited student mobility will be studied; comprehension of information associated with preventative safety measures such as hand-washing; and/or inability to communicate symptoms will be studied.

  3. At Gonzalez Elementary, measures to teach safety protocols and guidelines will be taken.

    1. Teachers will incorporate the following as part of their daily routine and instruction:

      1. Use tissue to wipe nose; sneeze into elbow; wash hands prior to eating, before and after meals, before and after restroom breaks, before and after visiting other areas outside the classroom; wash hands with soap for a duration of at least 20 seconds; use hand sanitizer when availability of water and soap is not possible.

    2. For those students that will be coming in for face-to-face instruction, teachers will demonstrate safety practices for students.

  4. At Gonzalez Elementary, a daily routine/schedule will be implemented to ensure that students are washing their hands.  In completing this task, the following will be implemented to ensure consistency of practice and prevention of contamination.

    1. Visual icons will be posted throughout the campus, including restrooms, to provide a reminder of safety protocols;

    2. Distancing measure will be employed by the staff for our students;

    3. Staggered scheduling for restroom use and hand washing practice will be implemented schoolwide.

  5. At Gonzalez Elementary, students will be provided and expected to use personal protection equipment.  Students will be issued the following:

    1. Face Shields;

    2. Reusable/washable face guards

    3. Disposable face guards

  6. At Gonzalez Elementary, students, staff, and faculty will have access to hygiene products.  They will have access to the following:

    1. Disinfecting spray

    2. Disinfecting wipes

    3. Hand Sanitizer

    4. Desk Shields

  7. At Gonzalez Elementary, all faculty, staff and students will be required to use face guards/face shields when on campus.

  8. At Gonzalez Elementary and in effort to mitigate any possible exposure to viruses/bacteria, all water fountains will be covered.

    1. Students will be given water bottles for the day; parents are highly encouraged to send their children to campus with water bottles/containers

  9. At Gonzalez Elementary, a schedule has been created and implemented to ensure frequent disinfecting of common areas such as:

    1. Door handles

    2. Light switches

    3. Sink handles

    4. Bathroom surfaces

    5. Tables

    6. Chairs

    7. Technology equipment

    8. Restrooms

  10. Social Distancing

    1. Desk guards will be used in every classroom

    2. Floor decals will be used along the hallways and restrooms to help remind students of social distancing practices.

    3. Social distancing will be used during morning temperature checks.

    4. Social distancing will be used while students wait outside their rooms in the morning and/or during the day.

    5. Social distancing will be used during student/staff lunch time.

    6. Social distancing will be used during dismissal/bus transportation.

    7. Social distancing will be used during instruction time in the classroom.

    8. Social distancing will be used during restroom breaks.

  11. Miscellaneous Measures

    1. Temperature checks will be conducted while students are in their respective vehicles/bus.  Conducting temperature checks from the vehicle/bus ensures that students who are running a temperature do not enter the building.

    2. Extra masks will be available in the front office should a student/adult would require one.

    3. Hand sanitizer will be available in the front office.

    4. Staggered arrival and dismissal times will be adopted once the number of students on campus dictates such course of action.

    5. Floor decals/markers will help designate flow of student traffic and help ensure social distancing.

    6. Students will travel in clusters/cohorts to minimize exposure to other areas and individuals.

    7. Limited student movement will be employed during the day.

    8. Meals will be served in classrooms to mitigate exposure.

    9. For face-to-face students, safety protocols will be reviewed with them on a daily basis.

    10. Distancing of student desks should adhere to 6 feet, as much as possible.  If arrangement of the classroom permits, have students facing one direction to minimize exposure.

    11. All classrooms will utilize desk shields.

    12. All faculty and staff will be trained on safety procedures and protocols, via district modules.

  12. High Quality Instruction

    1. Gonzalez Elementary will continue to strive for excellence whether that be through Distance Learning or Face-to-Face Instruction.

    2. Gonzalez Elementary, contingent upon availability, will continue issuing out devices and hot spots for students that are requiring assistance.

    3. Gonzalez Elementary has developed daily schedules for all grade levels that help address the needs of all students and address the current and lack of availability of technological devices.

    4. Gonzalez Elementary will focus its efforts in ensuring that all students receive instruction, more specifically those students that are having difficulty with accessing virtual instruction.

    5. Gonzalez Elementary understands the need for professional development for all its teachers, especially now with the new modality of learning, virtual learning.

  13. Sharing/Technology

    1. Gonzalez Elementary will not employ the use of sharing personal/student devices, manipulatives, resources, consumables, library books, games, etc. in an effort to mitigate exposure.

    2. Gonzalez Elementary will encourage the use of separate and individually labeled areas, cubbies, containers, etc.

    3. Gonzalez Elementary will limit the sharing of classroom devices but if need be will allow for such only after the classroom device has been disinfected/cleaned.

  14. Signs and Symptoms

    1. Gonzalez Elementary will screen all students and staff as a morning procedure and before enter the building.

    2. Gonzalez Elementary faculty and staff will be encouraged to self-check before arriving to campus.

    3. Students who are showing symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID will be asked to stay home or till COVID tested has been completed and resulted in a negative reading.

    4. The campus will report any cases or possible cases to BISD main office personnel.

  15. Planning/Operations

    1. An isolation room has been prepared for any student showing symptoms of COVID-19.

    2. Closure of the area/classroom will happen immediately after a possible case of COVID has occurred.  The area/room will be disinfected.

    3. Instruction will continue for displaced students as a result of the area/classroom closure.

    4. Daily monitoring of staff and faculty will be conducted, to ensure that all areas of the daily operations of the campus flow without incident.

    5. Staff and community are encouraged to report any suspected/confirmed cases of COVID that would result in a possible exposure of COVID for our campus.

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